Fun activities that burn lots of calories

Fun activities

No time, money or patience to attend a gym? You do not need to despair, or to settle for dealing with the fat left over in your body. Here we show you some fun activities that burn a lot of calories. You will see that your daily routine already allows you to maintain your ideal weight. Of course, you will need to pay attention to your menu, since it is easy to recover the lost kilos if you do not eat properly.

1. Sex

One of the activities that burn a lot of calories is sex, which, in addition, is very fun and rewarding.

You can do a good gym routine to burn 100 calories in an hour or lose the same amount of calories with half an hour of vigorous sex.

Certainly, this last activity is much more pleasurable than the first and your relationship will thank you.

Communicate with your partner and talk about the options of exploring more complex positions than you usually do.

In this way, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you will also put to work muscles that until now you have left aside, and you will have fun trying it.

2. Dance

How many times a week do you go out with friends and end up in a bar drinking alcohol or eating unhealthy things? Next time, propose to go somewhere where you can dance until you are exhausted and take advantage of one of the best activities to burn calories.

Just 37 minutes per day already help burn up to 200 unwanted calories. However, when music is your favorite and if the company is better, 37 minutes become very few, so that without the problem you can dance more.

If your friends do not dance much or you do not know, a dance class can work wonders. In addition to meeting new people, you can tone the body, fill with energy and have fun while burning calories.

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3. Sing and laugh

Plan an hour of joy by singing; you can include family members and friends for these fun activities. This period, in addition to joining more with your loved ones, can help you lose calories, especially if you sing standing up.

When you finish singing, what do you think about laughing? The movements provoked by laughter can cause you to lose up to 67 calories in 20 minutes.

Adding it to the song would be 167 calories in the course of that hour.

As if that were not enough, laughter and singing will help you reduce stress and you will feel like new.

4. Put the cabinet in order

How long has your wardrobe gone through a recycling process? We are almost sure that you have many things there that you no longer use and that do not match your current style. Well, it’s time to do a complete review.

With this, you can take advantage and change or update your style. Try all the clothes, separating what you do not use and what you are going to donate.

In an hour you can lose up to 260 calories and many kilos of useless things.

5. Remodeling the house

If you think your home needs a change, you can vary its appearance by painting some walls.  In this process, you can lose 204 calories per hour and is another good reason to redecorate your home.

Domestic chores can also be great allies to give you a facelift as well as for calorie loss.

Cleaning the doors, floors, windows, and vacuuming are excellent activities that can be practiced on a regular basis.

6. Take care of green areas

If you have a patio in your house you can use it to clean it, water the plants and replant the roses to change this space too. Two good examples of activities that burn many calories are:

  • Boil the harmful herbs for 25 minutes (can help you burn about 127 calories).
  • Plant flowers (helps lose 77 calories in 15 minutes).

Think about doing these activities with your family or partner and the fun will be even greater.

7. Avoid using the car in excess

If you live far from your office or work, you can think about the possibility of changing your means of transport for a walk. Get off the bus or metro some stations before reaching your destination and end your tour on foot.

If sloping streets exist on the way, this will be much better, since here you could burn up to 400 calories in an hour.

Another alternative would be to adopt the bicycle as a means of transport. The caloric expenditure pedaling at a speed of 18km / h is approximately 420 calories per hour.

If you feel that it is very difficult to take her to work, you can choose to take a walk on Sundays. It starts with 40 minutes and sees increasing progressively each week.

Make small adjustments to your daily routine to burn calories.

As you can see, it is not mandatory that you pay a monthly fee in the gym or that you perform very complicated activities to burn calories. You just need to make and add a few adjustments like these in your daily habits.

Choose those activities that you like and include them in your lifestyle.

You will see that, little by little, the bad habits are left in the past and your body begins to take the form and strength that you want.

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