Iron abs with irons

Iron abs

An almost infallible method to achieve a truly defined abdominal and eliminate belly fat at home or in an exercise room is, without a doubt, practicing one of the most effective isometric exercises: the iron.

Iron abs

The iron exercise:

The isometric exercises are those in which a pressure on a particular muscle without exercise more movements and the biggest advantage is that it can be done anywhere is performed.

The iron consists of supporting the toes and elbows on the floor, while the body is held horizontally only supported by these two points of support.

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While it seems easy, those who have incorporated it into their routine or at least have used it to exercise their abs at some point can attest that it is not so much.

The challenge of the 30 days with the iron is to increase daily the seconds that must be supported in the indicated position, exercising punctually the abdominal musculature.

The idea is to start doing 20 seconds of exercise and gradually adding first to 10 seconds then to 15 and 30 until the last day to hold 5 minutes in a row in that position. Every 6 days rest is advised not to fall into muscular fatigue.

The big difference between this challenge and the two hundred and fifty abs is that here we do not aim at repetition but at the same position to support a predetermined amount of time in order to define these muscles.

What to do and what not to do

While this is a challenge not personalized and we know that each person has its peculiarities and limitations, it is possible to do it without great sacrifices, it is only necessary to be persistent and persistent.

What must be done is to endure, that implies not stop, that although it seems redundant, it is not. To challenge effectively, you have to do it. If the table indicates 40 seconds should be 40, not 38.

Given the impossibility of performing the 40 seconds all together can be divided into batches, but you have to rest the minimum necessary and take them back as quickly as possible.

What you should not do is get excited and spend time, because it is possible to get injured and do not forget that you should never exercise without a preheating.

This challenge should not be done in a spaced way throughout the day because it would lose its essence and because the isometric exercises are the ones that achieve a better result.

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