When Did You Last Have Your Vision Checked?

(This is a new perspective on a previous post of a similar title)

 Have you ever noticed that when you see the conditions of the poor in third world countries, many of the homes shown,  are clearly constructed from very, very basic materials. The structures rarely, include windows, but just a large opening, used as an entrance and exit point.  Any light needed to carry out the everyday activities within the home,  has to come from candles, or some kind of lighting or light enters from this one opening.  Can you imagine living in a house without windows?
Sometimes, our windows may not appear to be as clean as we would like them, and we complain of poor visibility.

Are You A Chronic Complainer?

Sometimes we start out with the best intentions to think and speak only positive thoughts, but the people around us can throw us off course. 

It can happen anytime. It's a fact of life.  If like me you work in an office environment, you may find it will creep up on you in an instance.  Silent, but deadly!

You may be sitting there, having a pleasant conversation with a decent bunch of people, when suddenly, before you know it, the conversation turns to - yes, criticising  and complaining.

It can be some small innocent comment, such as the increasing cost of the meals in the restaurant, which will invariably escalate to a ‘ping pong' dialogue, consisting of complaints and gripes about the employer or company.

Four Words That Have Dramatically Impacted My Spiritual Walk

My dear friends, I am so excited to share with you, today, a foundational truth, that if you have not already heard and received, will be of great benefit to you. It will possibly assist, in the continual process of the transformation and renewal of your mind, (Romans 12:2) and will in turn help you to have a more effective prayer life, and victorious walk with the Lord.

This simple truth, as I heard it and applied it, has made such a huge impact in my life, throghout the last year. It has freed me up from so much frustration, disappointment, effort and sometimes self condemnation. It has changed how I approach God in prayer and most importantly how I relate to Him.